Happy Buyers!

Here is just few of my contented collectors

Interior Design company purchassed 13 paintings for overseas client 2012


 Purchassed Sunsuality

Hi Wendy

Love the Painting thank you! Karen. 

Hi Wendy

Yes it was waiting when I got home, it's fabulous thanks.



Hi Wendy

We received your painting today and have now hung it in our Lounge. We are very pleased with it.


We have just unwrapped and hung the painting it looks amazing!

best regards Tim and George



I received Painting today and am really stunned by the colours. It is even better than shown on the website!

Dee Luton


This will be my fourth Painting from you!



Dear Wendy

We are delighted with the Painting we commissioned from you. The colors are  just awesome! You certainly know how to paint a Sky.

Don & Carol


Hi Wendy

Thank you so much for the Sunset Painting we purchassed from you recently, it is absolutely stunning!

Katie and James


Wendy (Imagine)

Our Painting arrived safe and sound and we are both delighted. The computer screen doesn't do it justice.

Thanks again 

David and Carol



Hi Wendy

I received the Painting, Chasing the Sun, yesterday just in time for my birthday today, thank you it is just so beautiful, you have amazing talent. I look foreward to purchasing more from you. Thank you again, I will enjoy this for many, many years.

All the Best Maggie.



Hi Wendy, the picture arrived It's really beautiful. Great Colours. We love it!

Thanks alot.



Just wanted to drop you a quick message and let you know how pleased
we are with the painting you did for us.
It looks fantastic hanging in our lounge and goes really well with
everything else in the room.
We would not hesitate to recommend you to friends, and when we are
looking for our next painting we will be in touch.
Thanks again.
Neil & Tash



The picture arrived yesterday.

We have had a sneak look - and we really are very pleased with it.

Thank you so much for making this a very easy process and for creating a
fabulous painting.

Have a great Christmas and we will let you know what it looks like on the


Chris and Liz


Hi Wendy,
Painting arrived safely today and looks fantastic,i'm sure my wife will love it.
Many thanks



Hello Wendy

Dont worry about the painting it arrived on Wedneday the 19th of August. It's in perfect condition and we all love it.
We cant wait to get it on the wall.

Best wishes



Hi Wendy

Sorry for not checking my emails I've been out all weekend. The picture
is amazing and we love it so much. We think we'd like it without the diver
and people if thats ok. We can't believe how you've captured it so well,
its fantastic.


Hi Wendy

Drama in the Sky arrived last night. Your painting is absolutely stunning. The colours are glorious and I can't stop looking at it. Thank you for sending it so quickly.





Dear Wendy

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Painting arrived last week and
looks superb.



We received the painting today! Great--really Great! We are very happy. THANK YOU, Rich


Good morning Wendy

Yes we recieved it thursday evening, we have been so busy i havnt had time to thank you. We both love it and hope fully today it will get in position.

Many thanks again

Ian & Tanya

Hi Wendy

The painting arrived at my house yesterday but I haven't seen it yet as I work Offshore (100 miles west of Shetland).. My wife however has and thinks its as stunning as I was hopeing it would be. Should get to see and hang it next week though, thank you very much for a beautiful painting......

All the best...Martin
Hi Wendy
Just to let you know painting arrived safe & sound. Already hanging on wall! It looks great. Many thanks
Phyl & Graham


Dear Wendy,

Just a line to say that 'The Deep' arrived safely and I am delighted with it - very pleased - a birthday gift to myself !

Sorry for the delay in replying, I've been away from home for a while.

Keep up the good work, it's beautiful and when I have any spare cash, I know where to find you.

Many thanks again,




Just a note to say that Rust n Red and The Flow arrived safely and I am extremely pleased with them.

Rust n Red is even better than I thought as is hanging prominently in my living room.

With many thanks




Hi Wendy,
Just thought I would let you know that we are really pleased with the picture. It is on the wall and we cant stop looking at it. Its is very mesmerising and beautiful. Thanks for taking the time to paint it for us. We will certainly look to buy another painting in the future. Kind Regards, Gail.


Email from fellow Artist
Absolutely stunning work. The energy, vibrancy, calm and quiet all at once. Very uplifting. I got your name from a fellow artist in Scotland--Caroline Simmill. thanks, Jack D

Re The Encore:

Just wanted to let you know the painting arrived today and it everything I anticipated; it is beautiful.


Matt Z

Hi Wendy,

Just writing to say thanks, we received the picture yesterday and are both really happy it. It looks lovely in our lounge, thanks for all your time and help, all the very best.

Kind Regards,


Here are some lovely comments of past buyers!
Hi Wendy,

painting arrived ok, looks great!.


> The painting arrived in perfect condition. And as your web site
> testimonial
> stated, the color when view in person was simply spectacular. I am
> delighted with it. Thank you for your thorough packing job. And thanks
> for
> capturing you talent to share with others. I love it.
> Amanda U.S.A.

I GOT IT and it is gorgeous! I am so excited to get it home and hang it. Thank you so much and I will treasure it always.

All my best,



Hello Wendy,

Just to let you know the painting arrived safe and sound and is now hanging in the new extension looking good if a little lonely, its nice to have a bit of free wall space to fill -

I've made a great start,

Cheers Simon.

Hi Wendy

The painting arrived safely - its absolutely wonderful

Kind Regards


30/12/2006The (Pink Garden )
Dear Wendy,

This is just a quick email to let you know that Dad absolutely loved the
painting. We did a little quiz for him about what the present might be which
kept him guessing for the whole week leading up to Christmas!

The painting is now looking lovely in their lounge


Paul. - 22/12/2006
Hi Wendy, Painting has arrived! It looks great - it already has pride of place in our house. Already looking forward to the commision piece

A.Levy - 11/12/2006
Wendy The painting arrived on Friday and I am very pleased with it. The mood is darker than some of your others, and maybe that\'s what I like about it! With thanks Anthony

D.Smith - 04/12/2006
I am thrilled to tell you both paintings arrived in good condition on Friday. They are now on the wall and look great. Thank you, I am very pleased with them. There\'s a Thanks You card in the post to you as we speak... Thanks again

Emma McKenzie - 20/08/2006

Dear Wendy, The seascape has arrived and is wonderful. Thank you so much. It will hang with pride of place in our home always. Sincerely, Emma McKenzie
C.Powell - 07/08/2006
Monochrome Moonshine is brilliant. Thank you so much. I am really impressed.
Sarah - 19/07/2006
Hi Wendy Just to let you know painting arrived safe and sound on Friday - been away for a couple of days so apologies for not letting you know before - anyway its now at home, up on the wall and looks beautiful - your sunsets are favourites of

Mr T Lee-Hong Kong. - 06/07/2006
I am so delighted with the Seascape it has such atmosphere,the Colours are unbelievable and so real,I would certainly reccommend you !

\"Thankyou very much Wendy - it has arrived safe and sound and we are so pleased with it. It looks better than it did on the internet - the colours are just amazing. We are giving it to my brother tonight and I am sure he will love it!!

Clare - 22/05/2006

Robin USA - 09/04/2006
Hi, Wendy! I received the painting today, it is absolutely beautiful! It looks awesome in my living room and is exactly what I had envisioned. Thank you so much!!! Robin

Mark - 29/03/2006
Wendy. My Painting (Sensational Sunset Skies )arrived this morning. It looks fabulous!

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_HCQT-PVUoaw/TIXW-boTj1I/AAAAAAAAAe8/HxaV5QAuRG8/s1600/award_6_pp2.gif"> id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5514049686842085202" style="FLOAT: left; MARGIN: 0px 10px 10px 0px; WIDTH: 75px; CURSOR: hand; HEIGHT: 75px" alt="" src="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_HCQT-PVUoaw/TIXW-boTj1I/AAAAAAAAAe8/HxaV5QAuRG8/s320/award_6_pp2.gif" border="0" />

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