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I Was Born Battersea London 1954.
One of the so called Baby boomers! Which was a great time for free thinking and innovative ideas?
As a Child I would always be found making something, whether it was model making painting drawing or singing in the Choir

I have always been a daydreamer, the Sky is so fascinating, with Colours shapes and forever changing patterns.
I suppose all that time spent daydreaming has been the inspiration for my Skies and Sunsets.
I now work for myself and don't have a rigid timetable I have no need to wear a watch anymore which is very liberating.

If you have noticed I do not talk about my work very much I find this aspect very difficult and hope it speaks to you.
My work is published and very popular, with many repeat collectors, I am often ask  to paint a gorgeous Sunset Skies, in this day and age life is so stressful, what could be better than to feast your Eyes upon a beautiful Sunset Sky or a tranquil Seascape.
I am kept busy with commissions and work from my Studio in Essex.

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I am a prolific painter, there is always a new works on my website 

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