About my Art, by fine artist wendy_puerto

I paint in a loose impressionist style,usually in Acrylics,it is a medium that allows me to paint quickly and is so versatile,it can create soft muted tones to thick vibrant statements as used in some of my Sunset Paintings.My use of colour and how they compliment and react to light and shade trying to capture the reflection upon the land and water is most important in my work.

Acrylic is on par with Oil works and just as collectable.

I am a prolific Artist If I feel the urge I will start a piece of work and find it almost finished in one session without realizing so much time has passed.
Sunsets and Seascapes are a real favourite with me,I like to create something I am proud of and would hang on my own Wall,that way I seem to find the right approach to produce some eyecatching Pieces of expressive Contemporary Art.
I paint from the imagination mostly and some of my skies can be very dramatic.
My Buyers often buy more than one piece.The key is to paint what you feel and you can't go far wrong.
Creative expressive modern art bringing the traitional classic styles into the 21st Century but with a twist, keeping the expressive feel.

A message from a fellow artist.

Clay Tutaj Says:

December 28th, 2006 at 9:56 am
An artist I have met through Imagekind.com that has truly inspired me is Wendy Puerto. Her beautiful skies are amazingly vibrant. Her style is a lot looser than mine, which has drawn me in. I recommend any artist interested in wide open skies take a look at her work.

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